Players That Have already Tried Out Results

Doug Zimmerman- Offered if 10u team makes

Cannon- Offerd if 12u Team Makes

Matthew Ramos-Offered if 12u team makes

Ryan Laney-Offered if 12u team makes.

Tanner Brown- Offered

Nicholas Birdwell-Offered

Justin Smith-Offered

Andrew Trevino-Offered

Sonny Alaniz-Offered

Jacob Amador-Offered

John Ramos-Retry

August 11th Results

Kyle Barnes-Offered

Shawn Ryncarz-Offered

Rickey Esqueda-Offered

Aaron Alfaro-Offered

** If you have Offered by your name we would like to have you in The Arlington Heat Baseball Club.

First Meeting will be on August 18th at 4:00pm at Cover All Bases. Give us a Call at 817-861-4118 to Accept your Spot!**