July 16th Tryout Results


If you are in the Offered column we would like for you to be a part of our Arlington Heat Baseball Club.  If you want your spot, please either email us or call us to accept your spot.  If you are in the Retry column we would like to see you at one of the on field workouts and will make a decision after that.  Thanks for trying out and wanting to be a part of the Arlington Heat.

If you have been offered a spot and would like to accept or have already accepted and you did not attend the July 28th meeting, you will need to attend a meeting Saturday, August 3rd any time between 2pm and 5pm at Cover All Bases.  This will be to fill out paperword, get uniform sizes and make your first payment for the Fall season.


Cade Logan
Jeremiah Fultz
Caden Bednarek
Sebastian Martinez
Kaden Holly
Nickolas Hernandez
Colby Vinson
Jaylen Matthews
Logan Marshall
Garrett Darden
Colin Patton
Ethan Wood
Zack Vinson
Austin VanVandt
Mark Wagner
Kyle Bailey
Garrett Gallagher
Hayden Bohannan
Tommy Still
Jacob Russ
Connor Schrayer
Sean Harcrow
Calvin Titus
Grayson Long
John Still
Michael Munoz
Zak Zuniga