14u/15u Arlington Heat 2018


Kiley Sharpe
Connor Campbell
Nikolas Herd
Jud Good
Saul Fonseca
Brett Mcbroom
Shawn Ryncarz
Jacob Amador
Kyler Barnes
Looking for 3 more players to complete roster
Schedule and Events
Date                       Time                        EVENT                            Location                                    Uniform     
We will extend everything into fall and re group and play a good schedule after try outs. Thanks For the patience this summer!!
August                                                          OFF
Sept 5th       7:30pm              First Practice and Meeting
Sept 8th       5:00pm                      Outdoor Practice    Canceled to to Field Condituions                
Sept 12th    7:00pm                            Practice                                CAB
Sept 19th    7:30pm                            Practice                                CAB       
Sept 29th         TBA                           15U Pony Elite Tournament